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If you are interested in applying to be part of TEDxNorthwesternU, please fill out the following form by Friday, October 7th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m CST.

To find the application form, follow this link

No experience with hosting TEDx/public speaking events required! We're looking for enthusiasm and willingness to learn above all. The following positions are open for application: 

  • Curation (Speaker Development) - An integral part in shaping the content of TEDxNorthwestern's conference! Curation team members review speaker applications and communicate one-on-one with speakers to draft, revise, and rehearse their talks. We're looking for a high level of independence, public speaking background, and strong interpersonal skills!

  • Marketing and Media - Expand the TEDxNorthwesternU community through social media (TikTok, Instagram), web content, campus advertisement, and local TEDx outreach.  We're looking for strong social media experience, and photo/video expertise in graphic design, and excellent people skills!

  • Logistics - An all-day, multi-session speaker conference takes detailed planning. The logistics team handles everything from the venue, to the production team, to ticket sales, to the reception. We're looking for people who are detail conscious, tech-savvy, and have a good eye for aesthetics.

For any questions, please contact TEDxNorthwesternU at

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