2018 Speaker Introduction Series: Raj Sachdev

Raj Sachdev is a former instructor at Stanford, a guest speaker at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and a value-based marketing research specialist. He challenges not only the public perception but those of the inventors working on smart home products today. He is passionate about making smart home technologies more cost-effective, technically feasible, and inspiring.

The topic of his talk is, "Value Creating our way to the Smart Home of 2050" and we had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions surrounding his interests and passions.

TEDxNorthwesternU: What is TED to you?

Raj Sachdev: TED is a platform to start conversations about important things. ‎It is important to recognize that TED is not necessarily a platform for the culmination of research but an avenue to spark interest in many things.

TEDxNorthwesternU: What are some of your favorite TED talks and why?‎

Raj Sachdev: I love watching TED talks that cover innovative technologies - they always strike a chord with the audience. I also admire those that are funny!

TEDxNorthwesternU: In your opinion, how do human beings construct and exchange value?‎‎

Raj Sachdev: Through their personal experiences. People exchange value based on what they believe is valuable as well as what others might perceive it to be.

TEDxNorthwesternU: What do you think these smart homes mean for family life in the future?‎‎

Raj Sachdev: The meaning of family will change in the future from the perspective of how we live together.

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